Utilizing Different Colors For Your Website

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Ever wondered why other websites look better than others? Does it have something to do with the design or content of the site? I believe that readers online will pay attention, if you get their interest first by making a website that looks good and then engaging them by coming up with relevant and accurate content.



A Couple Examples

This is the kind of reaction you want when internet users access your website and to make this possible, you should make a strong impression that will differentiate you from the competition. When visitors leave your site, they should easily remember the content and using the right colors can make this possible. I noticed that a site like Facebook utilizes their color scheme effectively. If you take a closer look on their site, the blue and white mixes perfectly along with the occasional green. This is not done by accident and it’s a specific design to make the web page more appealing to the eyes of a visitor.


Another example is the site of the Chambers Institute, a college in Melbourne that offers Certificate IV in business.  The first thing you’ll notice are the amazing colors that the web designers used to make the page catchier to the readers. Of course you don’t need to start a business just to make a cool-looking site on the internet. All you need is a clear understanding on how to utilize the proper colors for your site.


Consistency is KEY

A simple technique that I’ve discovered is the proper use of color consistency that will make users feel at home with your website. This means you shouldn’t just stick to one particular color tone but rather use different variations when it comes to color saturation and brightness to make the web pages more appealing. Combining it with neutral colors like white and black will give you an incredible online presence.

You should also remember that a website that utilizes fewer color options becomes easier to remember than a site that has plenty of colors. But you shouldn’t limit yourself to using just one or two colors, since variety is a good idea when it comes to color design. Combining all this simple tricks will help you to make a very attention-grabbing site on the web.



How To Make Your Smartphone Battery Lasts Longer

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The smartphones of today have such a diverse range of capabilities and are so multi-functional. So I am not surprised that developers, manufacturers and users like me and you have always been concerned about the battery life of our smartphones. On average my smartphone battery lasts between one or two days before it gets completely depleted, and then I have to recharge it.
I know I am tired of waiting for the hardware development to catch up, and probably you are too, so conserving your smartphone battery is an ideal alternative. Therefore, here are I share with you 6 essentials tips on minimizing the consumption of your smartphone battery juice and making it last longer.


1. Turn Off Vibrations

I know how great vibrations are to notify us about incoming calls, but they actually consume more power than ringtones. I do not think vibrations necessary and I had disabled them on my smartphone a long time back. A ringtone will zap less of your smartphone battery than vibrations.


2. Dim Your Screen

You can drastically increase your smartphone battery life if you follow this tip. Enable the auto-brightness setting on your smartphone so that its brightness is automatically adjusted to an optimal level while the device’s battery life is also conserved.


3. Shorten Screen Timeout

Shortening the screen timeout of a smartphone is as good as dimming its screen, when it comes to minimizing its power consumption. Many of you like me might not have the habit of ‘locking’ your smartphone, so shortening the screen timeout duration will ensure that battery life is not wasted.


4. Switch Off When Not Active

I know that a lot of power is consumed when turning on a smartphone, but you can still save more battery life by switching your smartphone off for a couple of hours every day when not in use. Simply switch off your smartphone whenever you are not going to use it for an extended period of time, and you will save a significant amount of battery life.


5. Charge Your Battery Correctly

I recently learned that there are three types of rechargeable smartphones batteries, namely Lithium-ion (Li-Ion), Nickel-Cadmium (NiCd ) and Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries. I also learned that each of them have to be charged in a certain way and your smartphone battery will actually last longer if you charge it accordingly.
- Li-Ion batteries: Their life cycle is the longest, but you should charge them more often, even if you have not completely used up the battery.
- NiCd batteries: You can charge them more often but try to charge only when the battery life is almost over.
- NiMH: You should charge them only the battery is almost out of power to ensure they are correctly charged


6. Close Unnecessary Apps

There was a time when I used to open app after app and never bothered to close them even when I no longer needed to use them, and this was one of the reasons my smartphone battery used to get drained really quickly. So I recommend that you close any and all apps once you do not need to use them if you want to save your smartphone’s battery life.
I remember how astonished I was when I realized how longer my smartphone battery lasted after I had done all of the above. So go ahead and do the above, and you will wind up with longer smartphone usage before the battery needs to be recharged.



5 Web Design Tools (2013 Version)

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With diverse internet needs for individuals, web design is an integral part of maintenance and production of websites to ensure that everybody’s needs are catered for. Web designers use a variety of tools to develop websites that are usable and appropriate. These tools frequently get updated with standards and software but their function remains the same.


Here is a list of 2013 web design tools:

1. Bootstrap 3

The new version of this mobile web design tool, is designed to make easier prototyping. It consists of many new components that provide iconography, dropdown among others. It has almost been completely redeveloped, to result in faster web development.

2. Responsive Web CSS

This web design tool enables you to layout your pages for responsive sites easily. It works in a variety of devices. It is able to divide sections in your pages at the touch of a button. It can also resize each section according to how you may want to appear in different user devices.

3. Retina images

It is an easy to set up system that displays high resolution images. It enables download of only one image at a time. It can also download ordinary images if high resolution images are not available and when other programs like JavaScript are disabled.

4. Webflow

This web design tool makes it easy to design responsive sites. It includes a responsive grid, versioning, web fonts support, custom form and more. It works with all CSS3 styles and helps you perfect your design for it to appear elegantly on different screen sizes.

5. SV Generation

It enables you to quickly and easily create graphics for use on your sites. It also ensures that every visitor to your site is able to see your content. When visitors to your site use outdated browsers, they will easily view your content since it is widely supported.


These web design tools for 2013 are easily supported by web different browsers. They are also compatible with a number of modern devices such as tablets and smart phones. They can also be applied in the use of downloadable programs for the use in diverse devices. These web design tools ensure that your website is also compatible with different devices. They definitely create an impact on the future of website development.



Who Has The Funniest Twitter Accounts?

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When you are bored, you log on to your social media websites. When you are feeling depressed, you want to laugh. You can combine those two and take a look at these 15 Twitter accounts that will surely make you laugh with their tweets:

1) Not Mark Zuckerberg @notzuckerberg

The fake founder of Facebook has funny tweets against Twitter and Google+. He also makes jokes about the strict privacy settings of Facebook.

2) William Shakespeare @Shakespearesays

All of Shakespeare’s tweets are spoken in old English and are very funny since they are connected with recent events.

3) Stewie Griffin @StewieGriffin

Fans of the Family Guy TV show will be delighted to know that Stewie has his own Twitter account filled with delightful tweets.

4) Darth Vader @darthvader

That guy everyone loves to hate from the Star War movies would constantly tweet about the dark side.

5) Chuck Norris @chuck_facts

For those who have heard of Chuck Norris facts, they are about the things he can incredibly do. This twitter account is full of those facts.

6) The Batman @TheBatman

Everybody’s favorite superhero is consistently tweeting about how hard it is to be a superhero.

7) Prince Charles @Charles_HRH

This fake account of Prince Charles would always tweet concentrating on his thoughts about the Royal Monarchy.

8) Fake AP Stylebook @FakeAPStylebook

This account is full of bad grammar so if that makes you laugh then follow this account.

9) Jesus Christ @Jesus_M_Christ

The person posing as Jesus Christ posts a lot of offensive and rude tweets in this account. For those wondering, these are things the real Jesus Christ would never say.

10) Edgar Allan Poe @Edgar_Allan_Poe

The legendary poet has some insightful Tweets about today’s general issues.

11) Bill Clinton @PimpBillClinton

This fake Twitter account of the former president is poking fun at the fact that Bill Clinton loves women. The tweets are rather offensive so they are not suited for people of all ages.

12) Steve Martin @SteveMartinToGo

One of the best comedians of all time, Steve Martin’s jokes can now be seen on a daily basis via his tweets.

13) The Dark Lord @Lord_Voldermort7

It is Harry Potter’s greatest nemesis and he has some funny comments on Twitter about his background, culture and Harry Potter himself. Lord Voldermort has over 2 million followers and it is continuing to grow everyday.


14) Drunk Hulk @DrunkHulk

It is a parody of Marvel’s The Incredible Hulk where the tweets are in caveman language.

15) Conan O’ Brien @ConanOBrien

The popular late night talk show mixes humor with today’s hottest topics. It is a mix of brilliance and controversy as Conan’s tweets never fail to leave a bunch of retwets.



Handy Windows 8 Shortcuts

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The main advantage of this operating system is its durability that it suits every device such as mobile, tablets and personal computers because it is touch screen based. The interface of this operating system is totally different from the previous ones. So you get confused among many things, you start feeling like a fish out of water among its various apps or applications.


The problem with these application based software is you need to know every app. The main problem which people face is they can’t find the option they want in the former way. Suppose you want to open the device manager, and if you are completely new to this operating system, then trust me, you have to research like a scholar. No, no don’t be afraid. What if you note down some of the keyboard shortcut! Good no?! At least you would be able finish the common works.



Here are some keyboard shortcut instructions for you, so that you don’t need to depend on your younger generation to help you out. Let us start with some basic things.



  • How to start? Simple, using the WINKEY button on your keyboard; it’s the button which looks like a window.
  • Okay, now you want to search a file, it is very easy, just press WINKEY+F and find your desired file.
  • Okay, what if you want to print something, the fastest solution is CTRL+P and if you want to check the devices then before printing then WINKEY+K. It seems pretty simple to use, isn’t it? So, now we can go for some more details.
  • If you need to search the current app which is running then, press WINKEY+Q, you can also search app using the same key.
  • Share your files using WINKEY+H with your friends.
  • Want to check the settings and want to change it? Just use WINKEY+I.
  • Okay, now I will give you the most important key, that is WINKEY+X. It’s the power user menu. Here you’ll get many things, like power option, task bar, computer management, command prompt, control panel, device manager, system etc. You can see all the important things you must need is here.
  • There are many more keys, like WINKEY+P for the presentation mode.
  • Want to reach the app bar and charm bar? The solutions are WINKEY+Z and WINKEY+C.