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The Replay Capture Suite Review By Applian Technologies

The company that makes Replay Media Catcher is called Applian Technologies. I am not sure which their most popular product is, but I would assume that the one that lets you download youtube videos has got to be their biggest seller. I mean that is how I heard about the company.

I decided to head on over to their website and check out all of the other software that they make for the computer and see if any of it interests me. Here is a little summary of the other stuff they make. It is a complete bundle package called Replay Capture Suite that contains the following programs:

Replay Media Catcher: I believe this is the most popular of their range of products. You can use the program to download almost any videos online from the popular video sharing sites like youtube, vimeo, hulu, etc.

Replay Video Capture: This program lets you copy any type of video to your computer. So not only can you copy youtube videos and other videos from video sites, but you can copy DVDs, webcam streams, power point presentations, skype video calls and more. You can copy anything that youre watching on your computer into video. Pretty cool!

Replay Converter: This seems like a cool program. Ive had issues where Ive needed to convert video files into other types of files in the past and this seems to do that. I think the biggest use I would have for it would be converting videos I download into DVD format so I can burn them and watch them on any DVD player. It says you can also convert videos into iPod format which may be useful for people with video iPods (I dont own of these unfortunately). You can convert to MP4, FLV, AVI, WMV and more.

Replay Music: Here is a very cool program that I would buy in a heartbeat if I didnt already own Replay Media Catcher. This inexpensive program lets you copy any music file from any website onto your computer into mp3 format. If youre on Youtube, or any other video site, you can copy the audio file straight from the video and save it as an mp3 to your computer which you can then upload to your iPod. Pretty freaken cool!

Replay Radio: Here is another program that seems pretty cool and something I didnt see on their site until now. This program that Applian makes lets you record and download internet radio and video streams that you are currently watching and listening to. You can even schedule it to record when you want incase youre sleeping or gone for the day. That is pretty cool!

Replay Splitter: A simple program that able to make editing of a video easier like extract or remove a portion of an audio or video file from the original files.

After all, all of the above product can be purchase as a bundle package called Replay Capture Suite with some additional discount. So, if you are working on a media industry then its worth to get the bundle package.

Jaksta for Mac: This program is just like Replay Media Catcher except its on an entirely different domain and not really advertised by Applian. However, they do own the rights to the software and you purchase it through their cart. Its for the Mac and works just as well if not better than RPC.

That is my small write-up about some of their products. Head on over to the Applian website and check them out for yourself for now. We like replay media catcher the most so be sure to read up our review on that if you have not done so yet.