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Top 5 Gaming Trends Of The Future

Gaming has come a long way since its inception over three decades ago. Weve gone from bouncing a dot from one side of the screen to the other, to now complete submersion in virtual worlds by use of a VR headset. As gaming technology continues to evolve, its quite easy to lose track of all the latest trends. So in this article, we will take a look at the Top 5 gaming trends coming down the pipe, both now and in the future.

Gaming PCs

Even the looming threat of the PlayStation 5 cant dethrone the power of gaming PCs. There will always be a limit to a consoles power until they someday find a way to be as limitless and customizable as a quality gaming PC can be. Look for PCs to always stay ahead of the trend regardless of the bickering of the commoners among the consoles. However, there might be something to say about cloud-based gaming vs. PC gaming, but thats another conversation entirely for the future.

TV Gaming

While Smart TVs have been around for a little over a decade, theyve only just recently dabbled in tv-based gaming. There might not be any AAA titles on smart TVs, but you can find games akin to Flappy Bird or Zuma that you can enjoy casually. At one time, these were once only the types of apps you found on early smartphones. Now that virtually every new television is coming pre-equipped with a version of app-based features, its safe to say that TV gaming will only continue to mature in the years ahead.

Cloud Gaming

Cloud-based gaming looks to be an exciting trend to watch as the looming threat of the Google Stadia has, so far, scared Sony into reducing the price of its PlayStation Now service. PlayStation Now once enjoyed a heftier price tag due to very little competition, but it looks like the Google Stadia is forcing consoles to rethink their digital strategy. You can expect that more competitors will enter the cloud gaming space to get their slice of the market-share pie.

Virtual Reality Gaming

People have often envisioned a future where we could completely immerse ourselves in virtual reality games. While were still mostly using the technology for jump scare games and sword-swinging titles; the future of virtual reality gaming looks bright, particularly with the Oculus Quest, which many gaming experts are dubbing as the most consumer-friendly VR device to hit the mainstream market.

Augmented Reality Gaming

Released in 2016, Pokémon GO has proven that theres demand for augmented reality gaming. While minor titles have popped up since then, the recent release of Harry Potter Wizards Unite and the upcoming Minecraft Earth shows a promising future for augmented reality gaming.